#object #vehicle

Traffic in large cities is changing, leaving room for smaller means of transport, such as bicycles. Cars are no longer welcome, but bicycles do not yet know how to fill the gaps left by cars. 

I tried to find a new type of vehicle that tries to combine the mobility of the bicycle, the constraints of the new way of circulating in the city with the comfort of cars.

The vehicle is autonomous but can also be driven. We no longer need to move around for certain tasks in the city.

An empty space that crosses the whole vehicle that is covered, here solid shells but it could be fabric like a big bag.

The vehicle could take care of transporting groceries, for example, to avoid inconvenient travel. Pick up parcels for us or deliver them directly.

You choose how you want to sit. You can stand (handles), choose your own seat or offer seating systems or accessories specific to this vehicle.

The security system that allows the vehicle to be opened by touch or by the user phone.